Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Papers in SSE (vol 57 , issue 1, March 2011)

Analytical threshold voltage model for lightly doped short-channel tri-gate MOSFETs

A. Tsormpatzoglou, D.H. Tassis, C.A. Dimitriadis, G. Ghibaudo, N. Collaert, G. Pananakakis

Generic complex-variable potential equation for the undoped asymmetric independent double-gate MOSFET

Adelmo Ortiz-Conde, Francisco J. García-Sánchez

Research highlights

► Single completely generic equation of channel potential for undoped asymmetric independently driven double-gate MOSFETs. ► Channel potential equation is based on complex variables and is valid for all values of front and back-gate bias. ► The unified nature of the proposed equation provides a better basis for global physical insight. ► Several examples, including the all important fully symmetric case, are analyzed.

 Compact modeling of CMOS transistors under variable uniaxial stress

Nicoleta Wacker, Harald Richter, Mahadi-Ul Hassan, Horst Rempp, Joachim N. Burghartz

Research highlights

► We propose a method to simulate the effect of uniaxial stress on MOSFETs. ► The method is valid for any drain current and stress directions in (001) Si plane. ► It can perform static and dynamic simulations, in linear and saturation regions. ► It is simulator-independent and does not depend on the source of uniaxial stress. ► It is adaptable to other bulk CMOS nodes and to other technologies such as SOI.

 A physical compact DC drain current model for long-channel undoped ultra-thin body (UTB) SOI and asymmetric double-gate (DG) MOSFETs with independent gate operation

F. Lime, R. Ritzenthaler, M. Ricoma, F. Martinez, F. Pascal, E. Miranda, O. Faynot, B. Iñiguez

Research highlights

► Valid for long-channel undoped ADGMOSFETS with independent gate operation. ► Fully analytical and explicit derivation with no iterative solutions. ► Accessible front and back gate charges, potentials and currents. ► Unification of symmetric and asymmetric cases. ► Physical solutions similar to classical MOS theory.

In-depth physical investigation of GeOI pMOSFET by TCAD calibrated simulation

B. Grandchamp, M.-A. Jaud, P. Scheiblin, K. Romanjek, L. Hutin, C. Le Royer, M. Vinet

Research highlights

► We performed 2D simulations of germanium-on-insulator fully-depleted pMOSFET. ► Interface traps, mobility and leakage were calibrated versus experimental data. ► The prediction of electrical characteristics is accurate for several gate lengths. ► These simulations help in finding guidelines for improving the on-state current.

 Mobility in ultrathin SOI MOSFET and pseudo-MOSFET: Impact of the potential at both interfaces   

G. Hamaide, F. Allibert, F. Andrieu, K. Romanjek, S. Cristoloveanu

Research highlights

► Biasing the back interface in accumulation while extracting carrier mobility in FD-SOI MOSFETs leads to underestimated values. ► Apparent mobility degradation with decreasing film thickness in ultra-thin SOI MOSFET or Pseudo-MOSFET measurement is due to an additional component of the vertical electric field. ► In Pseudo-MOSFET measurements, the additional component of the vertical electric field comes from the traps and charges at the free-surface of the sample. ► We propose a new model to take this additional component of the vertical electric field into account.

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