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Papers in SSE (vol 56, issue 1, february 2011)

Temperature model for Ge2Sb2Te5 phase change memory in electrical memory device   Original Research Article

Pages 13-17
Daolin Cai, Zhitang Song, Houpeng Chen, Xiaogang Chen

Research highlights

► Temperature model is constituted by an active region and a dispersed-heat region. ► Calculated and simulated the radius and crystalline fraction. ► Crystalline fraction and temperature increase with the reset voltage increasing.

 Microwave noise modeling of FinFETs   Original Research Article

Pages 18-22
Giovanni Crupi, Alina Caddemi, Dominique M.M.-P. Schreurs, Wojciech Wiatr, Abdelkarim Mercha

 Comprehensive numerical simulation of threshold-voltage transients in nitride memories   Original Research Article

Pages 23-30
Aurelio Mauri, Salvatore M. Amoroso, Christian Monzio Compagnoni, Alessandro Maconi, Alessandro S. Spinelli

Research highlights

► We present a complete model to describe charge trap devices behavior. ► In this study any mathematical aspect regarding holes and electrons is detailed modeled. ► Experimental data coming from different TANOS and SONOS devices are correctly reproduced.

 A unified short-channel compact model for cylindrical surrounding-gate MOSFET   Original Research Article

Pages 40-46
Bastien Cousin, Marina Reyboz, Olivier Rozeau, Marie-Anne Jaud, Thomas Ernst, Jalal Jomaah

Research highlights

► A compact model of short-channel effects for GAA MOSFET has been developed. ► The model uses a well-known extraction method making the model simple and accurate. ► Each term is used in a model core in order to provide a short-channel correction. ► The compact model is well described and is suitable with circuit design tools. ► The model is validated using TCAD simulations for all gate lengths down to 10nm.

Physical limitations of the diffusive approximation in semiconductor device modeling   Original Research Article

Pages 60-67
Tigran T. Mnatsakanov, Alexey G. Tandoev, Michael E. Levinshtein, Sergey N. Yurkov

Research highlights

► New criteria for occurrence of the diffusion mode were formulated. ► The applicability limits of the diffusion approximation in simulation were found. ► The analytical results are confirmed by a numerical experiment.

 Direct determination of threshold condition in DG-MOSFETs from the gm/ID curve   Original Research Article

Pages 89-94
Ana Isabela Araújo Cunha, Marcelo Antonio Pavanello, Renan Doria Trevisoli, Carlos Galup-Montoro, Marcio Cherem Schneider

Dynamic model of AlGaN/GaN HFET for high voltage switching   Original Research Article

Pages 135-140
Alexei Koudymov

A surface potential based drain current model for asymmetric double gate MOSFETs   Original Research Article

Pages 148-154
Pradipta Dutta, Binit Syamal, N. Mohankumar, C.K. Sarkar

Research highlights

► We model a surface potential based drain current for asymmetric DG MOSFETs. ► The model is applicable for both heavily and lightly doped Silicon channel. ► The surface potential at both the gates are solved using proper Iterative techniques. ► The effect of volume inversion is shown in case of lightly doped channel.

 AlGaN/GaN hybrid MOS-HEMT analytical mobility model   Original Research Article

Pages 201-206
A. Pérez-Tomás, A. Fontserè

Research highlights

► The hybrid normally-off switch AlGaN/GaN MOS-HEMT combines two main advantages: ► The MOS gate control and the high 2DEG mobility in AlGaN/GaN drift region. ► Here, we present simple analytical modeling of the on-resistance of a hybrid MOS-HEMT. ► We investigate the layout, the MOS channel mobility, the effect of a high-k and the temperature. ► The model can aid to understand the device physics and is compatible with TCAD simulation packages.

Mobility degradation and transistor asymmetry impact on field effect transistor access resistances extraction   

Pages 214-218
J.C. Tinoco, A.G. Martinez-Lopez, J.-P. Raskin

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