Monday, December 20, 2010

[mos-ak] MOS-AK/GSA San Francisco, CA Workshop on-line Publications

MOS-AK/GSA San Francisco, CA workshop on-line publications are
available, visit:

More that 50 registered participants followed 11 technical compact
modeling talks at the MOS-AK/GSA Compact Modeling Workshop in San
Francisco, CA. I would like to thank all MOS-AK/GSA speakers for
sharing their compact modeling competence, R&D experience and
delivering valuable MOS-AK/GSA presentations. I am sure, that our
modeling event in San Francisco, CA was beneficial to all MOS-AK
Workshop attendees.

Organization of our modeling event would not be possible without our
generous sponsors: Accelicon Technologies and Cascade Microtech as
well as the IEEE EDS, technical co-sponsorship. I also would also like
to personally acknowledge local workshop organizers, in particular,
Tim K. Smith for his dedication and personal assistance to provide
smooth workshop logistics.

I hope, we would have a next chance to meet us with your academic and
industrial partners at future MOS-AK/GSA modeling events (check the
list below).

- with regards - WG (for the MOS-AK/GSA Committee)
MOS-AK/California on-line publications <
MOS-AK/Seville on-line publications <>
IWCM at ASP-DAC in Yokohama Jan.2011 (with MOS-AK Support)
MOS-AK/Paris at UPMC/LIP6 <>
MIXDES in Gliwice June 16-18, 2011 (with MOS-AK Session)
MOS-AK/Helsinki Sept.16, 2011 (ESSDERC time frame)

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