Monday, July 19, 2010

IBM INDIA: Job Opportunities


IBM SRDC develops all of IBM’s semiconductor technologies including SOI, Bulk CMOS, RFCMOS, HV CMOS, and SiGe HBT BiCMOS Technologies. The IBM SRDC at Bangalore is responsible for developing compact models and process design kits (PDK), leading edge computational lithography, functional characterization support and theory, designs, models for nanoscale devices.

Job Opportunities

COMPACT MODELING ENGINEER: Work in a very challenging environment with experienced device modelers and RF circuit designers. The responsibilities will include development of compact models for both active (FET, BJT) and passive (diodes, varactors, MIMCAP, inductors) devices in mixed signal, and RF technologies. Working closely with device engineers to define parameter targets and with foundry clients to resolve any modeling issues in design. Defining test programs for DC and RF device measurement and characterization. Use of software such as ICCAP to extract parameters for BSIM, PSP or other models. Strong semiconductor device physics background and previous experience of device modeling / characterization / design are required. The candidate should have a MS degree in Electrical Engineering / Physics with at least 3 years of experience in device modeling related work or a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering.

DESIGN AUTOMATION TECHNICAL LEAD: An experienced professional to lead the PDK Design Automation (DA) team. Bangalore team is responsible for device model and enablement for process development kit (PDK) for some of the key technologies of IBM's specialty foundry business. The person leading the DA team will be part of a highly talented team with global experience and should be able to maintain the best-in-class PDK quality that IBM is known for. The minimum experience for this position should be at least 6-7 years of industry experience in the area of Design Automation (Parasitic extraction, Final kit Testing, DRC code generation, Pcell development) in the RF, analog & mixed signal environment. The ideal candidate should be able to lead a team of 10+ engineers, technically mentor and guide on project deliverables, can effectively collaborate with different GEO's like US & France and interface with Foundry customers on Design Automation related issues. Minimum academic qualification should be Master's with 6-7 years or PhD with 3+ years of relevant experience. Exceptional candidates with outstanding credentials with Bachelor's degree with 8-9 years of experience may also be considered. Previous management experience is a plus.

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Arjun said...

Nice job. Where to upload my resume and apply for this job?

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VISHAL said...

Device modelling according to me is a very interesting and challenging field. But I am not sure how much work is done in India at industry level in this field apart from the research done in IITs and IISc. Can anyone tell us about more industrial opportunities in this field??