Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sixth Workshop of the Thematic Network on Silicon on Insulator technology, devices and circuits
Grenoble, France, 25-27 January, 2010
  • Keynote Talks
    • SOI- the next five years: The critical role that SOI will play in the semiconductor ecosystem and how it will happen – H. Mendez (SOI Consortium)
    • Germanium Integration on Silicon for High Performance FETs and Optical Interconnects – K. Saraswat (Stanford University)
  • Training Course
    • 3D integration – N. Sillon (CEA-LETI)
    • Electrical characterisation of SOI nanodevices – G. Ghibaudo (IMEP)
    • Piezoelectrical technology on SOI (RF Filter) – S. Ballandras (CNRS)
    • III-V nanoelectronic on insulator – S. Bollaert (CNRS)
    • SOI technologies and circuits – J. Hoentschel (Global Foundries)

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