Monday, September 14, 2009

TAL 2009

XII Scientific Conference and II School: "Optical Fibres and Their Applications" TAL 2009 October 14 - 17, Lublin and Krasnobród. The aim of the conference is enabling a direct contact and discussion between the teams dealing with:
  • Development of technology and fabrication of optical fibres, cables, planar waveguides and elements of integrated optics and micro-optics
  • Elements of optical fibres technique like couplers, connectors, optical fibres amplifiers, optical and optoelectronic devices for connecting optical fibres with light sources and detectors, multiplexers
  • Optical fibres applications especially those requiring a close cooperation with the optical fibres and optical cables, elements of optical fibres technique and optoelectronics manufactures
  • Education in the photonics in the universities and high schools

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