Saturday, August 15, 2009


The 2010 IEEE International Symposium of Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2010) will be held in Paris (France), on May 30-June 3 2010. It will take place at the Convention Center at Disney’s Hotel New York, in Paris. It will be supported by the Institut SupĂ©rieur d’Electronique de Paris.

ISCAS is the largest conference in the area of Circuits and Systems. It is sponsored by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society. Prestigeous speakers in this field are always invited. ISCAS 2010 will focus on on circuits and systems employing nanodevices (both extremely scaled CMOS and non-CMOS devices) and circuit fabrics (mixture of standard CMOS and evolving nano-structure elements) and their implementation cost, switching speed, energy efficiency, and reliability.

The scope of ISCAS 2010 includes all topics related to integrated circuits and systems. Papers on compact modeling for circuit design are considered to address some of the topic of the call. In fact, every year a number of interesting papers on compact modeling are presented at ISCAS.

The deadline for paper submission is October 9 2010.

It is important to mention that in ISCAS posters are very well considered, as important as oral presentations. Many authors choose poster as their presentation format. Besides, a student paper contest will be held at ISCAS 2010 and sponsored by the Circuits and Systems Society.

On the other hand, a "a very entertaining social program is planned. Special tours to tourist attractions will be available to the Symposium attendees and their guests." It Sounds promising, anyway.

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