Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 IEEE International SOI Conference

Oct. 5 - 8 October, 2009, Foster City, California

Ever increasing demand and advances in SOI and related technologies make it essential to meet to discuss new gains and accomplishments, as well as to consider new developments introduced in original papers presented at the conference.

  • SOI device physics and modeling
  • Manufacturability and process integration of soi devices
  • Low-power SOI technology and circuit design infrastructure
  • SOI circuit applications (high-performance mpu, sram, asic, high-voltage, rf, analog, mixed mode, etc.)
  • SOI double & multiple gate/vertical channel structures; other novel SOI structures
  • New SOI structures, circuits, and applications (3d integration, displays, microactuators, novel memories, optics, etc.)
  • SOI reliability issues (hot-carrier effects, radiation effects, high-temperature effects, etc.)
  • SOI material science/modification, material characterization, manufacture, and substrate engineering.
  • SOI sensors, MEMS and RFIDs technology and applications

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