Saturday, May 9, 2009

2009 IEEE International SOI Conference Deadline Extended


The 2009 IEEE International SOI Conference Committee has extended the deadline
for submission of papers to be considered for presentation at the conference to
be held in Silicon Valley, California this October until 29-MAY.

This year's SOI conference will be highlighted by exciting invited talks. Some
of the topics to be covered are Synopsis, Rambus and Freescale on SOI design, on
technology from IBM and IMEC discussing the extendibility of SOI
technology beyond node 22nm to 16nm and 11; Peregrine will discuss RF
applications while Corning will present Silicon on Glass; and Soitec and Leti
will discuss the enabling possibilities of molecular bonding towards 3D
integration and nanotechnology. With the momentum that SOI based technologies is
gaining, the SOI conference is the ideal forum to exchange and network. The SOI
conference is an enriching forum where not only digital and power IC electronics
is discussed but also expands discussion to wafer engineering and circuit
transfer techniques opening up a spectrum of new applications like 3D,
photonics, nano-technologies and devices architectures beyond CMOS.

Submissions should be sent to Further information about
the conference, including an abstract template, can be found on the conference
web site at, or you may call the conference manager at

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