Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exploration of (sub-) 45nm CMOS for Analog, RF and mm-wave Applications (ST-190)

The NANO-RF project is a European funded project in the 6th Frame Program (Priority 2 : Information Society Technology), to explore the potential of (sub-)45nm CMOS for Analog, RF and mm-wave applications. Planar bulk CMOS and FinFET technologies with different gate stacks and strain engineering have been studied. The key results of this project in the field of technology optimization for analog and RF, modeling capability for FinFET transistors and varactors, ESD protection of FinFET circuits and benchmark circuit design in planar bulk and FinFET technology will be presented.

The workshop highlights :

* Fully functional complex analog building blocks in FinFET technology (10 bit 300MS/s DAC, charge pump PLL)
* 5 GHz small band LNAs and DC-5 GHz wideband LNAs in planar bulk and FinFET technology
* 24 GHz LNA, VCO and Mixer for FinFET technology
* PSP-based compact model for FinFETs
* Optimization of the 1/f noise of high-k/metal gate planar bulk and FinFET transistors
* Optimized matching performance for narrow fin FinFET transistors
* ESD protection for FinFET circuits

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The NANO-RF Project contact: Stefaan.Decoutere {@} imec.be

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