Sunday, March 15, 2009


ESSDERC 2009 (European Solid-State Device Research Conference) will be held in Athens, Greece from 14-18 September 2009, together with ESSCIRC 2009 (European Solid-State Circuits Conference) . The venue will be the Divani Caravel Hotel, a luxury hotel situated in the centre of Athens, and very well connected to the airport by the subway. ESSDERC (European Solid-State Device Research Conference) is the top European conference in semiconductor devices.

Due to its prestige, many researchers from outside Europe use to submit contributions to ESSDERC too.The main themes for original contributions to be submitted to ESSDERC'09 are:

-Advanced CMOS devices
-Processing and Integration
-Telecommunication and Power Devices
-Modeling and Simulation
-Characterization and Reliability
,-MEMs, Sisplays and SoC
-Emerging non-CMOS Devices and Technologies.

This year, "Compact circuit modeling for devices and interconnects" is explicitly mentioned as one of the topics in the "Modeling and Simulation" theme.

The deadline for paper submission is April 4 2009.

ESSCIRC and ESSDERC also hold a "Fringe Poster Session" event in addition to the main conference in Athens. This Fringe forum is ideally adequate for the submissions of recent scientific progress which may, in some cases, not be ready for a full paper submission. This forum provides the opportunity to network with the ESSDERC/ESSCIRC community to discuss these ideas and latest results. Reviewing will be carried out by a sub-committee under the main Technical Programme committee, and a separate proceedings will be published on CD for this event. The deadline for submissions for the Fringe Poster Session will be 12 June 2009.

Besides, several related workshops will take place on September 19 2009 at the same location. One of them will be the Autumn MOS-AK Meeting on Compact Modeling.

And no doubt mid-September is a very nice time to visit Athens. Sunny and warm, but not too hot.

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