Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Call for ICREA Senior Research Positions in Catalonia

ICREA (Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies) has published a Call for 25 Senior Research positions in Catalonia (Spain).

The successful candidates will have PERMANENT CONTRACTS and can work, as "ICREA Senior Researchers", at universities or research centers in Catalonia. They can choose the institution where they can work. Usually, Catalan institutions are very happy to have ICREA Senior Researchers, so they use to accept the candidate with pleasure.

ICREA Senior Researcher positions are very prestigeous at international level. The selection procedure is tough. Only very strong candidates with excellent leadership capabilities and an outstanding research record will be considered. It is recommended that the candidates have previously led big or ambitious research projects.

The salaries will be in line with those paid in Catalan universities for full professors. They are very good salaries. I
CREA research professors will be subject to an evaluation of their research progress and general performance after a three-year period and subsequently every five years. The evaluations will be carried out by external evaluation committees that will assess scientific production as well as research activity. A positive evaluation will lead to a salary increase. So, salaries can be even better.

The candidates must submit:

1) A single .pdf file (maximum 4 Mb) containing the candidate's CV in English.

2) Two reference letters in English in .pdf or .doc format.

An expression of interest document from the host institution(s).

The candidate must directly contact each institution (university or research centre in Catalonia) that he/she is interested in and obtain the institution's acceptance. The host institution's expression of interest form must be downloaded directly by the institution using the link provided by the applicant. At the link, the institution will find the information needed to submit the form (both electronically and by post). The form must be received by ICREA before 2:00pm (local time) on Thursday, 16 April 2009.

The candidate may seek acceptance at more than one institution. In this case each institution must submit a separate expression of interest form to ICREA (both electronically and by post).


Well, if a senior researcher in semiconductor device modelling is interested in applying for one of this position, I will be happy to host him/her in my University (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, in Tarragona, not far from Barcelona), in the Department of Electronic Engineering. We are the most powerful group in Catalonia in the area of device modelling, and one of the strongets teams in Europe in compact modeling. We participate in several European projects and we are leading the first European project on Compact Modeling. Besides, I obtained this year the ICREA Academia Award, a new award granted by ICREA to the best researchers working in Catalan universities.

So, if you are an outstanding researcher working on semiconductor device physics or modelling and if you are interested in those permanent, please contact me at:


I will be very happy to make the expression of interest from my institution!!!

Why not a permanent job as a senior researcher in a place with Tarragona, with a comfortable Mediterranean climate, with a very nice and interesting city life, with beaches and mountains, close to Barcelona but much cheaper, and working in a very strong research group, with young and motivated researchers?

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