Friday, October 10, 2008

Another job offer in compact modelling

Well, it seems we're in a boom... I post another one taken from LindekIn:

This work involves theoretical understanding of quantum effects in 22 nm scale devices; these include carrier transport, geometry and material dependent and structure calculations, role of metal and high-k material
interfaces, role of high-k on bandstructure and related phenomena to enable
development of 22 nm scale devices.

Candidates to be considered for this area are required to have a strong understanding of semiconductor physics and quantum effects in nanodevices.
The candidates are also expected to have a strong background in devices
physics, electronic structure methods, numerical programming, hands on
experience with ab-initio modeling tools, and computer programming in mixed language environment.

Should have Ph.D/MS in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, Computer Science, or Theoretical Materials Science.

For more details, visit the page where the offer is posted.... and polish your CV!


Anonymous said...

What is the company name? Sounds like an interesting position

Rodrigo Picos said...

Sorry, but we don't have this information... I posted the offer from LinkedIn (as I say in the post), but who is behind the offer is beyond me...

In any case, if you are interested, my advice is contacting the people there and get more info...

Anonymous said...

what groups in linkedln, why it asking not a member in group, if so in which group i should be a member to aply in it

Rodrigo Picos said...

The group is Semiconductor Professional's Group (

And here you have the link to the profile of the guy who posted the job offer:

In any case, if you're interested in job offers, why don't you try also this other:

Best regards,