Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Papers on Volume 52, Issue 6, of Solid-State Electronics

Some new papers on the Volume 52, Issue 6, Pages 839-996 (June 2008) of Solid-State Electronics.

A universal electron mobility model of strained Si MOSFETs based on variational wave functions
Renrong Liang, Debin Li and Jun Xu

Substrate current characterization and optimization of high voltage LDMOS transistors
Jun Wang, Rui Li, Yemin Dong, Xin Zou, Li Shao and W.T. Shiau

Small-signal performance and modeling of sub-50 nm nMOSFETs with fT above 460-GHz
V. Dimitrov, J.B. Heng, K. Timp, O. Dimauro, R. Chan, M. Hafez, J. Feng, T. Sorsch, W. Mansfield, J. Miner, A. Kornblit, F. Klemens, J. Bower, R. Cirelli, E.J. Ferry, A. Taylor, M. Feng and G. Timp

Modeling of strained CMOS on disposable SiGe dots: Shape impacts on electrical/thermal characteristics
Sébastien Frégonèse, Yan Zhuang and Joachim N. Burghartz

A physical model of floating body effects in polysilicon thin film transistors
W.J. Wu, R.H. Yao, T. Chen, R.S. Chen, W.L. Deng and X.R. Zheng

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