Monday, April 21, 2008

MIGAS'08 Summer School

The 11 session of the MIGAS Summer School (International Summer School on Advanced Microelectronics) will be dedicated to Nanoscale CMOS and Si-Based Beyond CMOS Nanodevices.

MIGAS 2008 will take place in Autrans (French Alps) from June 28 to July 4 2008.

MIGAS is addressed to PhD students, engineers and researchers coming both from the university and from industry of the semiconductors.

The attendees will be able to improve their knowledge on nanoelectronic devices by means a set of lectures conducted by top international scientists.

The scienfific programme will consists of the following lectures:

1) Advanced materials, technology and characterization methods for nanoscale CMOS
- Strained SOI materials for high performance MOSFETs, C. Mazuré, SOITEC
- Advanced global strain-tuning platforms, M. Myronov, The University of Warwick
- High k dielectrics and metal gates, O. Engstrom, Chalmers University
- Schottky source-drain contacts, E. Dubois, IEMN
- Emerging nanotechnologies, T. Baron, LTM
- New characterization methods for nanoMOSFETs, G. Ghibaudo, IMEP-LAHC

2) Novel CMOS architectures
- Multi-gate and multi-channel MOSFETs, T. Ernst , Leti
- Silicon-On-Nothing nanodevices, T. Skotnicki, STMicroelectronics
- Ge channel MOSFETs, G. Eneman, IMEC
- III-V channel MOS transistors, A. Dimoulas, Demokritos

3) Beyond-CMOS Nanodevices
- Small slope Switches, A. Ionescu, EPFL
- Nanowires, J.P. Raskin, UCL
- Carbon electronics, J. Xu, Brown University

4) Innovative Memories
- Non-volatile memories, L. Baldi, Numonyx
- Advanced DRAM, M. Golbach, Qimonda
- Emerging memories, H.-S. Ph. Wong, Stanford University

Besides, MIGAS includes a great social programme, with activities such as excursions the day before the beginning of the school, wine tastings, and copious dinners based on the excellent Dauphinoise and Vercors cuisine, and with great wines. Of course, the area around Autrans offers excellent opportunities for hiking, mountaineering, mountain-biking, lake swimming and more.

Registration includes accomodation in the resort as well as all meals.

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