Tuesday, March 18, 2008

IMEC reports methodology to analyze process variability compatible with DFM tools

It seems that, looking through the inherent self-publicity, the report (presented in DATE'08, by the way) is quite nice. I copy an excerpt here, but you can also access the full report in the original source.

Quoting Rudy Lauwereins, Vice President Nomadic Embedded Systems at IMEC:

"Up to now, most variability characterization work is done internally at IDMs on own technology and IP blocks. However, with the move to fabless and fablite companies, we want to bridge the gap between foundry and fabless companies on design-level impact of using most advanced semiconductor technologies. To this end, we invite IDMs, fabless system companies, fabless digital IP providers and foundries to collaborate within our Technology-Aware Design program to develop the necessary tools for designing reliable systems with variable and unreliable components. IMEC’s program is compatible with confidentiality constraints for high value proprietary IP blocks."

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