Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The 26th International Conference on Microelectronics (MIEL 2008) will be held in Nis (Serbia) on May 11-14 2008.

MIEL is one of the most prestigeous Microelectronics conferences in Europe. Topics ofthe conference include all subjects related to electronic devices and electronic circuits.

This year a number of top researchers in electron devices will give invited presentations.

Prof Jamal Deen will present an invited contribution entitled "Towards Low-cost, High-Sensitivity, Integrated Biosensors".

Prof. Mark Lundstrom will give a very interesting invited talk, entitled: "
Electronics from the Bottom Up: An Approach to 21st Century Electronic Devices"

And one invited presentation about compact modeling: Dr Slobodan Mijalkovic, another invited speaker, will make a presentation on compact modeling of organic transistors: "
Modelling of Organic Field-Effect Transistors for Technology and Circuit Design"

Prof E.Sangiorgi will talk about "
Silicon Based Nano-MOSFET: New Materials, New Device Architectures, and New Challenges for Device Simulation".

Prof.Mikael Östling will present new results about Schottky-Barrier MOSFETs:
"Towards a Nano-MOSFET with Schottky Barrier Drain/Source"

And there is a very challenging invited presentation from Prof Radivoje Popovic: "
Counting Single Electrons in CMOS Circuit"

There are many other invited presentations!

By the way, the social programme of MIEL is superb! Every evening there is a copious dinner, based on traditional and delicious Serbian cuisine. Besides, there is lot of slivovitz, fun and dancing in the gala dinner!

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