Monday, February 11, 2008


The European Commission approved in 2007 the funding of the continuation of EUROSOI, the European Thematic Network on SOI Technology, Devices and Circuits.

The new EUROSOI network will be called EUROSOI+ and will have aduration of three years, starting from January 1 2008.

The EUROSOI network organizes every year the EUROSOI workshop. This year it took place in Cork, Ireland, from January 23 to 25. The Chairman was Prof. Jean Pierre Colinge, from Tyndall National Institute (Cork).

The EUROSOI workshop is already consolidated as the main European event devoted to SOI technology, devices and circuits.

The kick-off meeting of the new EUROSOI+ network took place during the workshop. The coordinator of EUROSOI+ is Prof. Francisco Gamiz, from the University of Granada (SPAIN). He was also the coordinator of the previous EUROSOI network.

The members of EUROSOI+ are: University of Granada (Spain), INPG (France), UCL (Belgium), SOITEC (France), VTT (Finland), CISSOID (Belgium), IMEC (Belgium), Philips (The Netherlands), EPFL (Switzerland), ISP-Kiev (Ukraine), IUE (Austria), WUT (Poland), XFAB (Germany), Chalmers (Sweden), Uppsala University (Sweden), Queens University of Belfast (UK), University of Twente (The Netherlands), CNRS (France), IMMS (Germany), CSIC (Spain), University of Liverpool (UK), POLITO (Italy), Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain), Umiversitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain), Universidad de Salamanca (Spain), UNIUD (Italy), Ditocom (France), CEA-LETI (France), ISEP (France) and Tyndall National Institute (Ireland).

The main goals of EUROSOI+ will be to support and increase collaborations between European groups regarding research in SOI technology, and to elaborate a roadmap and a state of the art documents about SOI technology. The website of EUROSOI is regularly update to include all news related to SOI.

Compact modeling of SOI devices is one of the topics addressed by EUROSOI+. Actually, I will be mostly in charge of the writing of the parts related to compact modeling in the roadmap and a state of the art documents.

The EUROSOI workshop in Cork was interesting and of real high level. Every participant got a gift that was very useful in Ireland: an umbrella.

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