Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some new papers

Some recently published papers (not all of them strictly related to Compact Models, but worth reading)

Gate modulation in carbon nanotube field effect transistors based NH3 gas sensors
Ning Peng, Qing Zhang, Yi Chau Lee, Ooi Kiang Tan and Nicola Marzari

Extraction of device parameters from dark current-voltage characteristics of PV devices
Erees Q. B. Macabebe, E. Ernest van Dyk

Understanding negative capacitance effect using an equivalent resistor-capacitor circuit
H. L. Kwok

Electron transport of nanotube-based gas sensors: An ab initio study
Arta Sadrzadeh, Amir A. Farajian, and Boris I. Yakobson

Study of the ability to field emission from diamond - like carbon layers and carbon nanotubes
Ryszard Gronau, Jan Szmidt, Piotr Firek, Elżbieta Czerwosz, Dagmara Jarzyńska and Elżbieta Staryga

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