Monday, October 8, 2007

Fourth Annual Printed Electronics USA

The fourth annual Printed Electronics USA symposium will be held in San Francisco, California (in the South San Francisco Conference Center), on November 12-15. This conference aims to be the largest in the World on the topic of Printed Electronics. It covers both organic and printed inorganic electronics.

The premium conference will include more than 60 presentations from users/potential users, and a very large printed electronics exhibition, with over 50 exhibitors.

This conference focuses more on the potential and applications of printed electronics rather than on the physics and modeling of the devices for printed electronics. However, no doubt it will be a very interesting conference to attend for device researchers, in order to learn more about the revolutionary applications printed electronics is going to have.

The program will also include tours to local companies as well as half day Printed Electronics Investment Summit.

Besides, the 2007 Printed Electronics Awards, for recognition of industry and technology development, will be given.

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