Monday, August 20, 2007

Scaling effects on short-channel organic transistors

If you are interested in organic transistors, perhaps you will appreciate having a look at the paper "Scaling effect on the operation stability of short-channel organic single-crystal transistors", appeared in the Applied Physics Letters of 6 August 2007 (link).
As they say in the abstract: "Organic single-crystal transistors allowed the authors to investigate the essential features of short-channel devices. Rubrene single-crystal transistors with channel lengths of 500 and 100 nm exhibited good field-effect characteristics under extremely low operation voltages, although space charge limited current degrades the subthreshold properties of 100 nm devices. Furthermore, bias-stress measurements revealed the remarkable stability of organic single-crystal transistors regardless of device size. The bias-stress effect was explained by the trapping of gate-induced charges into localized density of states in the single-crystal channel."

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