Monday, April 23, 2007

MOS-AK Meeting in Graz

The Spring MOS-AK meeting was held on April 30 in Premstraetten (very close to Graz), Austria

The scope of Spring Meeting was noise compact modeling, but also included contributions on noise measurement and characterization. Different devices were considered: conventional bulk MOSFETs, lateral MOSFETs, multiple-gate MOSFETs.

It was a very interesting meeting, with the participation of top researchers in the field of noise and compact modeling, such as Christoph Jungemann or Mitiko Miura-Mattausch (who explained the implementation of noise modelling in the HiSIM bulk MOSFET model).

Furthermore, it was a very nice oportunity to visit the beautiful city of Graz, and to taste the delicious pumkin-based Styrian specialties as well as the great local wines.

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Anonymous said...

The historic city centre of Graz was awarded World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in more