Friday, January 5, 2007

Plastic electronics

I've got a mail from a friend (Jamal Deen) with some very important news to all those working on plastic electronics: it seems that Plastic Logic has got some small cash (around 100.000.000'00 USD) to start a production facility in Dresden, Germany. They are planning to build the first commercial production plant of plastic electronics, starting in 2008 (yes, that is next year!). Look at their press release here.

The other news is that Polymer Vision (Philips' spin-off) will be starting the production of rollable displays as soon as this same year. See the press release here.

Well, big news for everybody. It seems that we're about to enter a new age in consumer electronics, that of flexible electronics. Changes are very likely to be huge, but this is good, don't you agree?

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