Wednesday, January 3, 2007


A friend of mine (Benjamin Iñiguez) has sent me links to some important conferences regarding compact modeling. The first one is to be held on Yokohama, Japan on January 23, and it is called the 4th International Workshop on Compact Modeling (IWCM). Lots of interesting talks and many good research being presented there.

The second link is for the 2007 Workshop on Compact Modeling, to be held in Santa Clara on May, 20-24. Also lots of important people (Jamal Deen, Chenming Hu, Matthias Bucher, Tor Fjieldy, Benjamin Iñiguez, Adelmo Ortiz-Conde, etc..), so it is very possible that you will find lots of important results there.

Another conference is the CDE, in Spain. It is a national one, but many good people is going there.

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