Jul 4, 2024

[paper] anybody can design and build a chip

Krzysztof Herman, Norbert Herfurth, Tim Henkes, Sergei Andreev, Rene Scholz, Markus Müller, Mario Krattenmacher, Harald Pretl, and Wladyslaw Grabinski
On the Versatility of the IHP BiCMOS Open Source and Manufacturable PDK: 
A step towards the future where anybody can design and build a chip
IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 30-38, Spring 2024
DOI: 10.1109/MSSC.2024.3372907

Abstract: In this article, we introduce the first European open source process design kit (PDK), namely IHP-Open130-G2. We provide a concise history of the PDK itself and offer a brief comparison with some alternative open source PDKs, such as SKY130 and GF180MCU. The article also includes a process description and details on deliverables, offering insights into available devices, models, supported open source tools, and workflows. As the IHP-Open130-G2 is currently under development, we present key points outlining future activities. This aims to inform and attract users to join the open source silicon community. The concluding section of the article compares measurement results for active devices with compact model results. The article concludes with a cryptographic Internet protocol (IP) core based on IHP-Open130-G2 as an exemplary use case.

FIG: Silicon Proven Application: The final layout of the HEP custom cryptographic IP core.

[REF] “130nm BiCMOS open source PDK, dedicated for analog, mixed signal and RF design.” GitHub. Online: https://github.com/IHP-GmbH/IHP-Open-PDK

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